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Psychology relates to the study of the human mind and behaviours. It explores the processes involved in normal and abnormal thoughts, feelings and actions.

Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Psychology aims at building in-depth knowledge of an appreciation for the concepts and theories of psychology. It equips students with knowledge of psychology and understanding of the range of applications of that knowledge. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of the courses to meet the changing needs of the Malaysian socio-economic environment.

Highlights of the Programme

  • Strong connection and collaboration with the industry and community.
  • Strong research culture with multidisciplinary collaborations.
  • Opportunities for student exchange and internship abroad that enhance career prospect in international arena.
  • Curriculum are designed by benchmarking with world top universities.
  • Program advisory panel consists of leading industrial players.

3 Years

Jan, May and October

Career Prospects

  • Human resource management
  • Corporate trainer
  • Research assistant / Market research
  • Educator
  • Psychometric consultant


Programme Structure