Doctor of Philosophy
(Social Science)


Doctorate | UTAR Kampar Campus
Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science) programme aims to prepare candidates with intellectual background and research skills in order that their research discoveries and insights are valuable towards the advancement of knowledge and development of new ideas, theories and insights in the area of Arts and Social Science.

Full Time: Normal 3 years - Maximum 6 years
Part Time: Normal 4 years - Maximum 8 years

Open throughout the year

Cheng Jianfeng

International PhD student from China

I am eternally grateful that UTAR offered me an opportunity to study in Malaysia, such a wonderful country, which has broadened my horizon and helped me to get the education I need. I would not be where I am today without the instructions of my two supervisors at UTAR. Without the PhD program here, I Wouldnt have been able to achieve my life-long dream. Thanks to UTAR, my future's off to a great start.

Xu Yong Jun

International PhD student from China
Thank you very much for your assistance and support! I will miss everything in UTAR