Established in 2012, the Centre for Applied Psychology (CAP) was formed following the need for rigorous research in psychology in line with the emerging field of applied psychology. 

Today, the CAP serves the university through scholarly activities that encourage a culture of research among its members that includes (but not limited to) the following areas: Educational Psychology, Community Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Environmental Psychology Counselling Psychology, Environmental Psychology Social and Cultural Psychology, Clinical Psychology Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience Industrial/Organizational Psychology


To promote and pursue a rigorous R&D approach towards producing cutting edge research and expertise.

To collaborate with various stakeholders for ensuring the maximum utilization of resources and expertise in the selected applied psychology disciplines

To inculcate appreciation of the rich diversity of research interest among academic staff and stakeholders, and abiding concern for the betterment of humans and the society.


The vision of the Centre for Applied Psychology (CAP) is to become a national and regional centre of excellence in the research area of applied psychology