The FAS Faculty Research and Development and Postgraduate Committee (FRDPC) was set up on July 2008 to coordinate and facilitate research and scholarship activities amongst the academic staff.  The Research and Development and Postgraduate Committee is responsible for the following:

1. Formulating the direction to be taken for the Faculty on Research and Development matters

2. Evaluating research funding applications and make the necessary recommendations to the relevant authorities

3. Facilitating collaborative Research and Development activities with other institutions

4. Evaluating research proposals and applications by postgraduate candidates, and make necessary recommendations to the Faculty Board

5. Recommending to the Faculty Board on potential supervisors for postgraduate candidates
6. Evaluating progress reports by postgraduate candidates and funded research projects and make relevant recommendations to the Faculty Board
7. Carrying out other duties as when directed by the Dean/Faculty Board or ancillary to or consequential upon any of the matters aforesaid

In line with these objectives, the FRDPC has organized activities and programs such as Colloqiums, Seminars, and Workshops, as well as launching initiatives such as the Research Corner and Staff Homepages to better promote the importance of Research into the development of our academic staff.


Dr Foong Soon Seng 
  • Chairperson
Dr Joanna Tan Tjin Ai
  • Head of Programme - PhD(Social Science)
Mr Tan Soon Aun
  • Head of Programme - Master of Psychology
Dr Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan
  • Head of Programme - Master of Philosophy (Social Science)
Dr Nurul Iman Binti Abdul Jalil
  • Centre for Applied Psychology (CAP) Chairperson
Dr Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu  
  • Head of Programme(Master of Strategic Communication)
Dr Muliyati Mat Alim
  • Department of Advertising Representative
Dr Tan Huey Pyng 
  • Department of Journalism Representative
Dr Noor Azmira Binti Mohamed
  • Department of Languages and Linguistics Representative
Associate Professor Dr Cheah Phaik Kin 
  • Department of Public Relations Representative
Dr Chie Qiu Ting 
  • Department of Psychology and Counselling Representative