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The program prepares students to become English teachers as one of their career prospects in education.

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) English Education exposes and prepares students to teaching methodologies, approaches and techniques which makes them a better educator in the future. Besides that, they will also be introduced to various theories, principals and the uses of English as well as the necessary fundamentals that will enable students to deliver their lessons efficiently.

Our programme aims to provide students with the communicative skills and the knowledge of the language to communicate proficiently and competently, as well as to participate actively and confidently in international and local platforms such as conferences, forums and career-related activities (training programmes, board meetings, interviews, consultation, etc). 

Through our innovative 21st century teaching techniques, students will be engaged with collaborative and highly focused assessments and projects which gives the foundation that students need for a successful career in education.

Highlights of the Programme

  • Students are recruited for English Camps and English workshops in and outside UTAR which expose them to real life teaching.
  • Students are also recruited to be student-helpers for various events held by the department which will expose and train them to work in groups and manage tasks.
  • Students are encouraged to complete various activities through coursework such as reading campaigns, mini-drama and creative writing and production.
  • Students are provided the opportunities to experience student exchange through our inter-university exchange agreements.
  • Students experience real life teaching and enhances knowledge through teaching practicums. 

3 Years

Jan, May and October

Career Prospects

  • English teachers in schools
  • Tutors / Lecturers
  • Authors
  • Translators
  • Researchers
  • Curriculum Instructional Designers 
  • English Language Trainers

Programme Structure